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Beware of These Hidden Costs While Hiring a Ute

When it’s time to shift that load, get some building materials or finally clear out the backyard, old shed or move house many people look for a rental as hiring a Ute is often the best way. But then there are all the hidden costs, the hard to understand industry jargon and all that paper work with contracts and agreements it’s not a wonder people get disillusioned and annoyed.

ute hire gold coastThis guide will help you see through all the bull to find the cheapest and best deals that suit your needs with the least amount of hassle. You will be able to avoid those extra sneaky fees, hidden extras and nasty and sometimes expensive surprises some hire companies have waiting, for the unwary or unprepared.
Finding the best available Ute hire deal
1.  When looking for a Ute to hire around Australia the first thing to do is a search on Google. This will give you all the hire companies in your area. Check through the different hire companies and see what they have to offer, I usually look for the things they don’t say such as what their daily rates are. It is surprising how many companies do not advertise their rates, but they ask you to call or drop in so they can give a quote. I tend to think this is because they think once you are there you will accept what they offer. The family owned and operated Ute Hire companies usually give the best local rates and service, but it always pays to check so you know where you stand and sometimes hire companies have a special especially in the off season for rentals and midweek.

2.  Check the Insurance
Insurance rates can differ significantly depending on the provider and the state you are traveling in. Do you want to go interstate, this can make a difference. It really pays to shop around. Most companies have an inclusive cover with their base hire rate that provides collision damage. This is not a full insurance, but limits the amount you will be liable for in an accident, this is usually $4,000 to $5,000.
Most credit cards cover your insurance if you pay the rental fee using them and many peoples personal or business comprehensive insurance plans have a full rental car cover.
When you are filling out your rental agreement the sales people will try and get you to take out one of their insurance covers, but these are expensive and you are most likely covered with your own or on your credit card, but check first.

3.  Full to Full Policy
When you pick up the hire Ute it will be full of fuel and you are expected to return it full. If you do not, then you will be charged for the fuel plus the cost of getting the fuel and a service fee which will amount to a surprisingly large amount.

4.  Ute Pickup Locations
The place you pick up the Ute can make quite a difference in the cost and fees an example is a rental from the airport can cost up to 3 times the cost of a similar vehicle out of the main centers and the same with inner-city rentals you pay a premium for location.
Some companies offer a drop off service as well as a pickup service, this can be very handy as it can save you a lot of time and you have to do a cost-effectiveness study to see if it’s actually cheaper for you. When the cost of a taxi can be $50 to $80 to get from the airport to the city it makes sense to hire a car for a few days.

5.  Additional Drivers
Check the fine print for the cost of additional drivers or ask straight up as additional drive can be expensive. If you plan on a long trip for your Ute move then you may be able to get a deal for additional drivers for safety reasons.

6.  Additional Surcharges
Many rental companies are good at hitting you with additional charges and convincing you that you need them. Things like young drivers (under 25) surcharge. A one way surcharge if you don’t drop the Ute back at the same depot.
Extras like child car seats, GPS map readers and other nonstandard equipment.

7.  Unlimited Mileage
Unless you are only going a very short distance locally and get a good discount it is best to go with an unlimited mileage if available, if not seek another rental company. Usually’ the base fee is about the same, but if you are on limited miles and go over they will charge you extra for every kilometer you travel and that very quickly mounts up especially as Australia is a big country.

8.  Book Early
It really pays to book early and often if it is the quiet time of the year you can get a good discount. There may be some flash deals that come up and are better, but you can always cancel and change bookings if need be. But if you leave your booking until the last minute, then your options may be limited and the prices will be at the high end of the scale.

Now we have covered most of the things you need to know about getting the best possible deal when you want to hire a Ute it should be easy for you to get the best price that suits you. It is always best if possible to go to a local Ute hire firm that is trusted and well-known as they provide the best friendly and hassle free Ute hire deal around. One advantage is you can often get a local deal or even hire an older type Ute at a bargain price if you have a job to do that is a bit messy.

Hiring a Ute in Australia is fairly easy as you can Google up the hire places in your area and find a good deal, especially if you deal with a family owned and run, local firm. Be aware of insurance and limited mileage costs and book your hire early to get the best deals.